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Dataset for "Load-partitioning in an Oxide Dispersion-strengthened 310 Steel at Elevated Temperatures"

Miao, Yinbin; Mo, Kun; Zhou, Zhangjian; Liu, Xiang; Lan, Kuan-Che; Zhang, Guangming; Park, Jun-Sang; Almer, Jonathan; Stubbins, James
DOI: 10.18126/M28G6T
Year: 2016

Dateset for "Auxiliary-field quantum Monte Carlo calculations of the structural properties of nickel oxide"

Zhang, Shuai; Malone, Fionn D.; Morales, Miguel A.
DOI: 10.18126/M2WS88
Year: 2018

NaxCoO2 phase stability and hierarchical orderings in the O3/P3 structure family

Kaufman, Jonas L.; Van der Ven, Anton
DOI: 10.18126/M2505P
Year: 2018

Data for "Denoising Atomic Resolution 4D Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy Data with Tensor Singular Value Decomposition"

Zhang, Chenyu; Han, Rungang; Zhang, Anru; Voyles, Paul M.
Organizations: MDF Open
DOI: 10.18126/vh9q-i1l6
Year: 2020

Dataset for the paper "Local structure of potassium doped nickel oxide: a combined experimental-theoretical study"

Wrobel, Friederike; Shin, Hyeondeok; Sterbinsky, George E.; Hsiao, Haw-Wen; Zuo, Jian-Min; Ganesh, Panchapakesan; Krogel, Jaron T.; Benali, Anouar; Kent, Paul R.C.; Heinonen, Olle; Bhattacharya, Anand
Organizations: MDF Open
DOI: 10.18126/sujk-r6co
Year: 2019

Ordering and structural transformations in layered KxCrO2 for K-ion batteries

Kaufman, Jonas L.; Van der Ven, Anton
DOI: 10.18126/o0og-8jf8
Year: 2020